Make a Wedding With no Debt

Most of us can remember early childhood, and the time playing “bride” as little girls. Walking in mama’s shoes, between the dolls and with your stuffed animals forming the lines pretending that they are the guests. For a bride’s veil we used long scarf and were happy with our imagination.

However, in the real-life wedding event looks quite differently. Why? Because everything must be paid and lot of money is involved in that ‘pleasure’.

According some statistics, the average cost of a wedding in the U.S.A. is about $26,500. In the U.K. it is just above 30,100 (pounds). Australian brides pay an astonishing $66,000!

Therefore, think wisely and not end up into deep debt.

It comes, as no surprise, that many couples around the world start their married life together with a huge amount of debt – paying for this glorious day to celebrate their marriage.

Whether feeling pressure from their families to create the “perfect” wedding or simply wanting their nuptials to be the best they can be, they spend and spend until they are totally broke and even beyond.

               So… how can couples do better?

  1. To start, sit down and decide what your actual budget is. What funds can you afford – practically – to put towards your wedding. These monies may be from the bride, groom and family as well. Come up with an actual, hard total that you can work with.
  2. Then decide what would make your wedding most special. For some couples, they simply “must” have live music. Or they want a certain venue, because that’s where they met or had their first date. Or they have to keep the guest list at a specific number because they have a large family and all of whom expect to be invited.
  3. Figure out what your priorities are – and then decide what is less important. This will help you decide what you want to spend money, on and then what you want to focus on finding budget friendly items and services, for.

It may surprise you, but for just about every item on your wedding list you can probably find a family member or friend who can help you – if you need to.

  1. You most likely have a friend who takes great photographs, so you don’t have to hire a wedding photographer.
  2. A friend or family member may have a big backyard or know of an inexpensive venue (like a public park) where you can hold your reception.

Couples make the mistake of being very rigid about what they want and miss out on having budget-friendly alternatives that are right in front of their nose.

  1. Another option is to consider getting married during a season that is not as popular for weddings. For example, in the USA most weddings happen around June.

So, if you get married in that period, you can expect to pay premium prices for your venue and other services. But if you chose the month of October, you can expect to save about 30% of all costs.

In case if money is not an issue for an expensive wedding, you should think about what else you can do with that funds.

Probably you can use it for loan deposit of your new house or save it as you are planning to have a baby, soon. Eventually, pay out some outstanding debt… go to UNI or something else that will make you new life less stressed.

For most of us, the price of a wedding is a large sum. Talk together and set financial goals for your wedding plans. It can be a great practice for your life together as husband and wife!

Be smart …stick with the plan : )



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