A coach with credentials and compassion. 

I’m a finance coach specialising in helping clients manage their finances through all of life’s major events. I work on a personal level, assisting families and individuals in achieving financial independence, stability, and confidence.

In this role, I share my knowledge and expertise with other women looking to sort out their financial house following separation of any kind including death or divorce from a spouse. I work with those who are committed to achieving financial independence and confidence through the guidance of a financial mentor who can help you see the big picture.

For those looking to purchase insurance, a house, or investments, I also provide access to my vast network of finance industry professionals, who can assist with all other aspects of your finances.

As a financial services industry professional since 2003, my experience spans many products and a broad range of areas. It is including , assistance while dealing with the banks, to obtain the loan for different projects.   Then, debt reduction and risk assessment, wealth creation and investment planning. 

I also bring extensive experience in finance and development for your own business providing effective solutions for business to grow. 

Earlier in my career, I operated my own  independent practice in finance brokerage and financial advising. I launched my career with a role in international trade, managing complex economic and export projects from inception through completion.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in business and economics along with an Advanced Diploma in Financial Services (ADFS).